Watering Vacuum Pumps

Water Ring Type Vacuum Pump – High Quality and Excellent Performance

Meekaj Vacuum Systems Pvt Ltd. has developed a series of water ring type vacuum pumps suitable for various types of industries. We are a pioneer in the production and supply of vacuum pumps. We have a great comprehension of each industry, and what type of vacuum pumps they require. Being an established water ring vacuum pump manufacturers, all our products meet the industry standards.

We are a vacuum system manufacturer based in Ahmedabad. We utilize the most modern production techniques and tools to produced vacuum pumps. The water ring vacuum pumps are designed to work under rough conditions. These devices also are utilized as compressors. Our vacuum pumps are easy to install and maintain. These pumps are designed and constructed for easy and trouble-free function for long years. Contact us now to know more about our reputed service and water ring vacuum pumps. We aim to build a long-standing association with all our clients.


High efficient Meekaj vacuum pump series.

New innovated Double stage vacuum pump with additional futures for long Trouble free operation.

All vacuum pumps are 100% Performance tested as per HEI standard prior to shipment.

Proven Technology

Most of Regular Models In Stock for Immediate Delivery

Two-stage Vacuum Pump saves energy.

Gland sealing with mechanical seals or asbestos free smooth graphite for greater reliability and trouble free long operating life.

An exclusive design feature is the injection of water directly into the Teflon ring, which is trapped between graphite seals. This water penetrates Teflon for lubrication, cooling and prevents gas leakages.

Stainless rotors are dynamically balanced, as standard impellers and shaft made from bar stock and stainless plates eliminates casting flaws, provides for durability and extended life, with no break down.

Reliable, simple design which involves only one rotating part, which is not subject to more wear.

can handle condensable vapors or even slugs of liquid entrained in the gas stream without damage to pump or affecting pump performance.

produces a steady non-pulsating gas flow when it is used as either a vacuum pump or compressor.

Resistant to contaminants entering with the gas stream these will be dilute and washed through the pump by the seal liquid.

internally no need any lubrication (It is Oil free).

Rotating metallic parts are non contacting therefore, no inside wearing.

No vibration and low noise level.

Very safe for explosive gases.

Avoid the contamination of the cooling tower water can be provided the water re-circulating arrangement introducing the shell-tube type cooler or Plate type heat exchanger.

We are using international level High Graded casting instead of ordinary commercial for long life of the components.

Precise dimensions so straight way can replace the parts without any adjustment or extra machining.

we provide the mechanical seals of affordable rate so can increase the shaft life and reduce the maintenance cost.

Highest quality on Competitive rates.

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