MSRL Ejector


Meekaj Ejector products are quality derived in a fashion that makes the products viable as well as modern. We manufacture varieties of ejector products and from various materials. All our products have a set of standard quality measures and that is always at par with international standards.


Our products are compact, corrosion resistant and can be used in any suitable manner. We manufactureejectors based on the clients need as well as most common necessities and so for different uses we usedifferent materials. Extremely light and super strong ejectors are made from carbon, PVC, Rubber, and Teflon materials. For underground and other heavy purpose ejectors we use cast steel, cast iron, and stainless steel materials.

We have varieties of vacuum ejectors, water ejectors and steam ejectors. All of our ejectors are easy to install and operate. With flexible pricing we make sure that it is affordable for all needs.


Individual and Company, Retail and Bulk, and readymade as well as custom made. We ensure the durability and value for money with each and every single piece of our product.

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