Multi Effect Evaporator Plants


Meekaj Vacuum Systems Pvt Ltd. is one of the most experienced manufacturers of forced circulation evaporators in India for dairy, food processing, textile and chemical industries. Meekaj Vacuum Systems Pvt Ltd. has developed energy efficient evaporators indigenously.

In multiple-effect evaporators the heating medium in any subsequent effect is the vapor generated in the previous effect and thereby achieves a great steam economy. The purpose of TVR in a multiple effect evaporator is to compress the product vapor from an effect, to a higher temperature level by means of a steam ejector (TVR) to use it as the heating medium in that effect itself thereby reducing the prime steam consumption.

In Multi-Effect Distillation Evaporators, the upper end of the rising film evaporation tubes protrude from the upper tube plate of the calandria, so that the liquid after evaporation does not flow back into the tube and the vapor produced inside the tubes can leave the tubes without passing the liquid level on the upper tube plate. This avoids the excessive entrainment of the liquid and higher vapor and distillate salinity.

Meekaj Vacuum Systems Pvt Ltd. Evaporators has developed its own mathematical module for designing evaporators which gives exact heat and mass transfer calculations. We are capable of design & commission Free flow salt industries from start to finish. The plants designed and commissioned by us are doing very well. We are committed to do better service by providing tailor made solutions for your effluent treatment needs.


Effluent Concentration

Sodium Sulphate Crystallization

Sugar Cane Concentration

Fruit Juice Concentration

Brine Evaporation.

Dye Intermediates.

Distillery Waste Water Effluent.

Recovery of Dissolved salts.

Solvent recovery.

Spray drying of Concentrated Effluent

Concentration and disposal of high TDS streams

Concentration of RO rejects.

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