Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

Buy Single Stage Vacuum Pumps from the Leading Supplier

Meekaj Vacuum Systems Pvt Ltd. is the leading supplier of single stage vacuum pumps. These devices have loads of functions. They can be used as vacuum pumps as well as use in a compressor with slight modifications. The single stage water ring vacuum pump ensures long-term trouble-free function. These vacuum pumps are utilized for distillation, evaporation, drying and sterilization activities. Latest technology and modern tools go into the construction of these pumps, and therefore you can use it in the most aggressive situations. Being the reputed vacuum pump supplier, we ensure supreme quality for all our products.

We are manufacturing Single Stage Vacuum Pumps. Single Stage Watering Vacuum pumps are develops maximum 710mm of Hg vacuum. When sealing water temperature is around 30 C. Single stage pumps are available in capacity from 49m3/r to 1080m3/hr.


Low water consumption

Very compact

Easy to install

Easy to assemble

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