Double Stage Vacuum Pumps

The Best Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Meekaj Vacuum Systems Pvt Ltd., the leading supplier of all types of vacuum pumps has developed a series of two stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. The working principle of these vacuum pumps is the same as that of single stage vacuum pumps. A two stage water ring vacuum pump is designed to work for long hours under rigorous and harsh conditions. Our vacuum pumps meet the industry standards. We have the largest building plant for vacuum pumps required to meet any amount of demands. We build double stage vacuum pumps that have a special quality to cool down vapours produced by your systems and recover or dispose of them.

Being the top vacuum pumps manufacturer, we have the expertise to customize the designs of the vacuum pumps we construct for our clients. Our double stage vacuum pumps require less energy to work. We not only supply vacuum pumps but also after-sales services. Contact us today to know more about our products.

Our two stage watering vacuum pumps are high performing and yield better output to our clients. These two stage watering vacuum pumps are offered in the following specifications.

Max. Vacuum Achieve : 720 mm. Hg. in Water Ring

Capacity : 49M3/ Hr to 2500 M3/Hr

Recommended Motor : 3 HP to 100 HP

Material of Conts : C.I Partial Bronze (GBZ) , Partial S.S, S.S, Rubber lined, And other on demand

Sealing Water Temp. : 30°C.

Drive : Direct Coupled.

ILarger capacity Pumps Available upon request.

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